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Set up the Backend

by Cory on September 7, 2019

I refactored some of the react code and set up my django models so now I have forums and threads. I also made forum and thread list views.

I changed the editor a little bit so that it appears in what would be the next post in a thread:


  • XM Radio Receiver

    Long Prep Time...

    by Cory on June 3, 2015

    Sheesh, I've been kind of dragging my feet lately. There's a lot of personal stuff going on, but I haven't given up on my projects. It's important to juggle the high priority things in life rather than focusing on one issue to the point of suspend...

  • Corys Blog

    I've Woken the Slumbering Beast

    by Cory on June 3, 2015

    It's starting to become clear that the VP of HR from my old job is probably behind this all. I will call her O. She was in charge of overseeing all activity on my past HR marks. She seemed nice enough when she was doing my exit interview, but obvi...

  • Corys Blog

    This is the New Normal

    by Cory on June 2, 2015

    I can't sleep. It's like 3:30 AM or some shit, just look at the timestamp. Goddamnit.

    I went to the lawyer today. His office was in downtown San Jose, on the fifth floor of some old timey looking shared office park building. He had a pretty recep...

  • Corys Blog

    I Can't Breathe

    by Cory on June 1, 2015

    I can't breathe. I'm so anxious all the time that I can't sleep. I'm supposed to meet with a lawyer at 10:30 tomorrow and I just hope that he will help me out. I don't know what to do.

    As my situation draws out longer, and with each passing devel...

  • Corys Blog


    by Cory on May 28, 2015

    I'm getting a lawyer. I need to do a consultation because something doesn't feel right to me. I'm realizing now that my recruiter's "anonymous [previous company] contact" might not necessarily be from HR and, on top of that, doesn't seem to have l...

  • Corys Blog

    I Feel Sick

    by Cory on May 27, 2015

    I didn't sleep well last night. I feel like I've always been a paranoid person and until now there was no reason to believe my irrational anxiety. But that last phone call is just making things a lot worse.

    My stomach has been churning all day. T...

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    This Ship is a-Sinkin'

    by Cory on May 27, 2015

    Summer-y night. Dark, slightly chilly.

    I got off a 45-minute phone call with a recruiter for a big tech company. He told me that my interview went well and the team liked me and were leaning towards hiring me. That's the good news. The bad news? ...

  • Corys Blog

    You are a Loser Until You Win

    by Cory on May 26, 2015

    It's Tuesday. The weather is sunny again, my fellow slackers, and my outlook is looking pretty bleak. I received my last unemployement check this past Saturday and, while I still have my savings, the psychological factor of not receiving any incom...

Recently Read

JavaScript and JQuery

Jon Duckett

This is the most beautifully laid out book. It's for really new beginners though, but the later examples are pretty substantial.

Added on August 19, 2019 5:43 AM

Anger Management for Everyone

Raymond Chip Tafrate

I had to read this because I started to hate my job and all my ideas don't make any money. It's a good book though with a lot of techniques that cover lifestyle changes, behavioral changes, and provides you with ways to manage anger. Not just anger but bitterness and over negativity too. To get the most out of the book requires picking a new strategies and following through on them until they become habit. I've been trying to keep a disciplined schedule and practice for these couple weeks and I think I can already feel results.

Added on April 8, 2019 10:47 PM

Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup

John Carreyrou

I didn't know that Theranos was so fucking crazy. Just from casually listening to the news I thought it was just some girl who bit off more than she could chew and then started lying. No, this is the Final Fantasy 7 house of silicon valley start ups. I was captivated by this guys book the whole way through. I thought 350 pages would be long but it flew by. Also the stereotype pairing of young girl engineer and creepy piece.of shit incompetent old guy is really common in Silicon Valley. It's the worst. I need to get out of here.

Added on January 20, 2019 3:54 AM

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

Jordan B. Peterson

This book is life anecdotes backed up with psychology for how to become an enlightened person. He also really likes the Bible. (Belief not necessary to enjoy the book). I think he has some interesting points but I disagree on a couple things, for instance when he says it's completely unreasonable to not want to have kids or that "striving the maximum good for most people" is specific enough to let you figure out what you should do in a day. I learned a lot of cool things about lobsters though.

Added on January 7, 2019 6:42 AM

Flowers for Algernon

Daniel Keyes

Wow this is a really sad book. I never had to read this for school but I'm glad I read it now.

Added on November 22, 2018 1:17 AM

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