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Bouncy Block Update

by Cory on April 5, 2020

I'm dusting off Godot engine again to finish the Bouncy block demo. This should be the second to last update before I move on.

I spent the weekend adding a background image and parallax grass in the foreground. It really pulls everyth...

  • My Stupid Drawings

    An Ode to Yoga Pants

    by Cory on April 20, 2015

    This one goes out to all the spicy ladies who live at the Sports Basement. Keep doing what'chu doin

  • Corys Blog

    New Dashboard Features: Task List and Activity Feed

    by Cory on April 20, 2015

    I said I was going to make a radio, but I'm not ready yet. I've been finishing up the features that I fleshed out on the site for a while now. I ended up making a second website for my IRL resume, which is kind of cool because I managed to write a...

  • My Stupid Drawings

    Creepy Cory and his Cartoon Caricatures

    by Cory on April 11, 2015

    I spent another drawing day at Stanford. Also, I'll post a small backlog of drawings I've built up. Turns out I'm not as good at drawing faces as I thought.

    Yes, I'm gonna be that guy. The guy who brings a book to meet new people and then sit t...

  • Corys Blog

    Things are about to Change

    by Cory on April 10, 2015

    Enough shitposting! It's time to begin my first project. I'm going to make an XM radio receiver! Details pending!

  • Corys Blog

    How to be Successful + Have Many Friends

    by Cory on April 9, 2015

    1. Separate every single task into little chunks. You need to do things in little baby steps, because you only have little baby feet and useless t-rex hands.

    2. Everything you make is shit and everything you will make will be shit. Make shit all ...

  • Dream Diary

    F'ed up Dream about Job Hunting

    by Cory on April 8, 2015

    I had this super messed up dream about job hunting last night. I dreamed that I was heading towards a job interview and I was on the bus. My mom was there and she told me she set me up with this company and don't worry about it because she handled...

  • My Stupid Drawings

    I Painted my Sketchbook Cover

    by Cory on April 3, 2015

    Now there's a symbol I didn't think I'd see again. My sketchbook is totally legit now.

  • Corys Blog

    Time to Complete the Stack

    by Cory on March 31, 2015

    I'm trying to add more widgets and tools to my admin dashboard and it's becoming increasingly clear that I need to add more javascript to my site. (Well, after I outfit the site with HTML5 features and tags.) I've been avoiding javascript up until...

Recently Read

Rebel Talent

Francesca Gino

I found this on a table at work that said "FREE". I think the concept of the book is nice. There's definitely something to being a "rebel", in that some people are content with being office drones and others want to blaze their own path. And going down one option vs the other doesn't happen by accident. All leaders consciously work towards it over lifetimes. I don't think the book had any particularly actionable tips, but the stories and anecdotes were very inspiring.

Added on January 27, 2020 8:52 AM

'"Masamune-kun''s Revenge Vol. 1"'

Hazuki Takeoka

I feel weird putting a manga down, but for one reason or another, it's one of the few mangas that I decided to buy. I really like the characters and dynamics that happen in this manga. The plot twists and drama is well developed and deals with interesting themes, although it does get kind of fucky at the end, where it seems like there was some editor interference or something. Oh well, I still really liked it. It's so bittersweet. ;_;

Added on December 19, 2019 9:26 AM


Jason Fried

This book is simply a pile of shit; a real turd. It makes it even more obvious after reading The Lean Startup. While that book uses data, examples from experience, and case studies to capture starting a company in the framework of the scientific method, this book is a mish mash of click bait-y tripe. The front and back jackets are covered in sensational words and phrases, which already turned me off. Then I opened the book and it's like the discourse just doesn't move past the introductory paragraph. I realized about a third into it that the entire thing is going to be marketing blog posts in book form. Seriously, each chapter is like 1-2 pages long and follows this formula: "Don't do [this thing that everybody does]. Do the exact opposite. That's what we do. Because why not???" There's no real analysis going on. I'm sure 37signals is a great place to work and are super productive but it's clear they have no clue how their success works. I'm giving anything they make a wide berth. PS: Ruby on rails fucking sucks

Added on December 15, 2019 10:19 AM

The Lean Startup

Eric Ries

I was freaking out in one of the break rooms at work when I saw this on the bookshelf. It's an amazing book. Sometimes you come across a book so amazing it's usually the definitive intro for beginners to get into a new subject. For instance, wanna learn stocks? Read 4 pillars of investing by Bernstein. Wanna learn how to built things and start a company? Read this book. Ries breaks things down into a science and makes extremely useful observations out of complex scenarios. It's intuitive and revolutionary. I hope to need this advice someday.

Added on December 9, 2019 10:35 AM

Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen

Christopher McDougall

This is a surprisingly engrossing story about a race between Tarahumara and American ultramarathoners that frames a discussion of how running informs human evolution, culture, health, and lifestyles. It's a pleasant surprise.

Added on November 2, 2019 3:06 AM

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