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Paleontologist who Uncovered Prehistoric River Monster's Tail Explains why it's Such a Game-Changer


This is really fucking cool. It's really weird to realize that dinosaurs are still being discovered and studied so when you go back and read about things they're completely different from what you learned in elementary school. Anyway, it looks like the Spinosaurus doesn't look like a bigger T-rex anymore (like in Jurassic Park), but instead like a giant newt. Also the T-rex most likely looks like a big fluffy bird.

May 4, 2020

After Employees Receive Threats, One City is Forced to Nix Rule Requiring Face Masks in Businesses


I think people are starting to run out of patience. It might be good to stock up again in case of a second wave.

May 2, 2020

Wednesday by Afro


Goddamn, I'm saving this for later. Remind me to try to make music like this.

April 25, 2020

How to Build a Nintendo Switch to Starve Online Price Gougers


Holy shit this is cool. It didn't even cross mind that something like this would be possible... I mean I thought you would need a clean room and some really expensive equipment. I might try this someday.

April 15, 2020

Bernie Sanders Drops Out of 2020 Democratic Race for President


GREAT. Now I have to choose between voting for a shit sandwich and a giant douche AGAIN.

April 8, 2020

Extremely Cool Teacher runs Math Lesson from Home Within 'Half Life: Alyx'


How cool is this? It's kind of a dumb joke, but the fact that it's possible to have the tracking so accurate you can write on a whiteboard in VR is amazing. We're not much farther away from having a VR classroom, which would be really stupid yet surprisingly useful.

March 26, 2020

Dentists under Pressure to Drill ‘Healthy Teeth’ for Profit, Former Insiders Allege


Fuck dentists, man. I've had continuous trouble trying to get them to not try and scam me with all these orthodontic inserts and teeth drilling. The whole industry is a scam. What people have to do nowadays is find a small practice and then stick with them forever.

March 19, 2020

A Guide to the Kubernetes Networking Model


Someone linked this to me at work. I don't know all this shit so it's pretty helpful. This is a rare piece of technical writing that is very accessible for a complete beginner.

March 4, 2020

Look at these goddamn links

Hey maaan, these snippets from the internet are p. cool imo. You should check them out. I think you should waste a bunch of time looking at them. It's totally worth it.

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