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Mark Zuckerberg's Biggest Problem: Internal Tensions At Facebook Are Boiling Over


Another story about how shitty Facebook is. It's really hitting the fan now. Lemme tell you Facebook isn't going down without taking other giant comp sci companies with it. Get the popcorn out this should be good.

December 14, 2018

The Friendship that made Google Huge


This is nuts. Also I never felt like pair programming worked for me and now I just want to find someone to try it with.

December 12, 2018

‘I Don’t Really Want to Work for Facebook.’ So Say Some Computer Science Students.


Ok so I agree that Facebook's reputation has recently turned sour and Google is closely following it (or is already right there next to them), but I just can't get over how uniquely punch-able these new generation of kids are. I think SJW bullshit is this era's hippy.

December 6, 2018

Software Pioneer Says General Artifical-Intelligence Very Unlikely


It's interesting to hear Neil Degrass Tyson and Elon Musk talking about how the singularity would occur way faster than you'd think. Cause it's true. But also this guy has a point because if you know anything about machine learning and artificial intelligence, it's not really like the movies at all. It's just stupid algorithms doing weighted probability calculations. The machines are still "dead". It's not like their thinking or anything.

December 5, 2018

How Dad’s Stresses Get Passed Along to Offspring


Jesus Christ. I know that if you're unhealthy and fat, you can also pass health problems to your kid. (Getting in shape will also improve your sperm in the same amount of time). Now getting stressed can fuck up your jizz too. Give me a break!

December 4, 2018

The Potentiometer Handbook


This is a book about analog knobs called Potentiometers. Probably really boring fyi, but I thought it might come in handy for me later.

December 3, 2018

Look at these goddamn links

Hey maaan, these snippets from the internet are p. cool imo. You should check them out. I think you should waste a bunch of time looking at them. It's totally worth it.

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