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Welcome to the fucked up mind of Cory Parsnipson

Slacker Paradise

This is about the site itself, its construction and maintenance, and what's in store for the future. SLACK4LYFE

XM Radio Receiver

Watch me try and make a radio receiver. The final goal is to make a smart radio receiver that can receive XM satellite stations, FM and AM stations as well as having wireless connectivity to stream or download podcasts.

My Stupid Drawings

Cory Parsnipson's doodles and sketches.

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Game Programming

ECS Concepts – Part 6: Entity Subscriptions

If you must blink, do it now.

Pay careful attention to everything you see and hear, no matter how unusual it may seem. And please be warned: If you fidget, if you look away, if you forget any part of what I tell you—even for an instant—then our h...


Steve Butts (Part 3)


You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Question to discuss:

Memes. Tha-that's pretty much all I wanted to say...

Stranger: I love memestache. :D

You: Were you sad when Steve Butts died?

Stranger: No...

Corys Blog

Ahhh White People!

Get Out is a romantic comedy directed by Jordan Peele, of the Key and Peele comedy duo about a man who goes on vacation to his new girlfriend's family's country masion and is, through various misadventures, unable to successfully charge his Window...

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