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Game Programming

Game programming general topic. I eventually hope to split this into separate ideas exclusively about specific games that I make.

Cory's Hobo Garden

Cory's trying to grow vegetables, but get this--he doesn't have anywhere to put them!!!

RFID Door Unlocker

You know how nice cars like Mercedes or Tesla automatically unlock when you get close to them with the key fob? Let's do that but for my apartment front door.

XM Radio Receiver

Watch me try and make a radio receiver. The final goal is to make a smart radio receiver that can receive XM satellite stations, FM and AM stations as well as having wireless connectivity to stream or download podcasts.

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Web Development

Theming The Diassembler App

I've swapped out the Angular Material theme for a 3rd party theme called Clarity Design. As usual,  everything was really complicated and the documentation requires you to make several logical deductions to figure out how to do stuff.

I made a cu...

Corys Blog

My Sword and Shield

The pizza stone came in! And the pizza peel too. Here's the stone in the oven. It's 15" x 17":

Pizza stone in oven

For those following along at home, I looked up reviews on Google and Amazon, and found a company in Illinois that makes highly regarded stones called...



Jesus christ, I fuckin hate this. If you ever meet stranger 1 and stranger 2 in real life, do me a favor and bash their fuckin heads in with a rock. Society must have failed horrendously to produce two of these morons.

You don't even want to read this, trust me.

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