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Game Programming

Game programming general topic. I eventually hope to split this into separate ideas exclusively about specific games that I make.

Cory's Hobo Garden

Cory's trying to grow vegetables, but get this--he doesn't have anywhere to put them!!!

XM Radio Receiver

Watch me try and make a radio receiver. The final goal is to make a smart radio receiver that can receive XM satellite stations, FM and AM stations as well as having wireless connectivity to stream or download podcasts.

My Stupid Drawings

Cory Parsnipson's doodles and sketches.

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Cory's Hobo Garden

Day 150 [DONE]: Mission Accomplished!

On Friday, I ate home grown tomatoes of all three varieties. I started all this gardening hoohah to answer one very simple question. What the eff do these tomatoes taste like? That douchy guy in the Doritos flavoring book made such a big deal out ...

Game Programming

Swept AABB Collision Detection Illuminated

I think I finally fucking figured it out. I've been using these two website guides for the "swept AABB" collision detection algorithm and I couldn't figure out why it wasn't completely right.

1. Swept AABB Collision Detection and Resp...

Corys Blog

Made Some Changes to the Website in Forever

I switched the API I used to query books from Amazon to Google! So it turns out the amazon product api access you get is revoked after like 6 months if you don't get a certain number of referral links, which is fucking bullshit. Basically this mea...

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