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This is my blog. It's the miscellaneous topic. I mostly complain here.

Game Programming

Game programming general topic. I eventually hope to split this into separate ideas exclusively about specific games that I make.

Cory's Hobo Garden

Cory's trying to grow vegetables, but get this--he doesn't have anywhere to put them!!!


Cory tries to make the perfect handheld emulator

Web Development

General Web Development Thoughts and Odds and Ends

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Sound Research (Pt. 2)

This is a second part of (what's looking to be) a three part sound series!

I was looking around trying to figure out what I should do next and why my speaker amplifier wasn't working well. Today I just happened to take another look while procasti...

Corys Blog

The Pizza Wars

Tragedy has struck again, leaving these last two pizzas with lasting scars. But you know what they say--hard times make for hard pizza. Or what doesn't kill pizza makes it stronger. Something like that.

For the third pizza, I decided last minute ...


[Really, really NSFW] The House Party CYOA

Ok, so there was a time when I was super obsessed with Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA). I mean I've always really liked comics and books, but this was right when MS Paint Adventures got huge and everyone was doing the whole text adventure style g...

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