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RFID Door Unlocker

Reading and Writing to MiFare (1K/Classic?) PICC

So that code I have up until now is very basic and just checks if a provided PICC (rfid card) is able to be read. This is easily handled by the mfrc522 library with two calls to "PICC_IsNewCardPresent()" and "PIC_ReadCardSerial()" or "PICC_DumpToS...


What's the Purpose of Life?

What. Don't judge me >:(

Game Programming

Layered TileMap Support

About a month or two ago, I made the decision to simplify my TileMap class so that no tiles could overlap. I believe that's the way that almost everyone else does it. Previously I wanted to have it so that I only needed 1 TileMap object for everyt...

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