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Day 132: Homeless Mike Returns

by Cory on August 29, 2018 10:36 PM

I don't actually have a plant update today, but I met homeless mike again. (Hilariously enough, I got the picture above by googling "homeless mike" and the results that came up look almost exactly like him)

He had a flat tire and came walking up to the bridge. I haven't seen him in like a month, but he was nice as usual. I thought he might be mad that I didn't use his window screening, but he seems to not care. I was going to ask him for some help to put the screening up (even though it's way too late this season), but he asked me about my sign on the missing plant first.

HIs reaction was amazing. Basically, he said "Those fucking ffffffffffffffffffagoottsssss..!!!". His words not mine. He told me he hung up a huge, full size american flag off the center of the bridge for one of his veteran comrads that was kia but someone stole it a few days later. That's terrible, I thought at first, but then I realized that I've been to the bridge almost every day since May and I've never noticed that before so I have no idea what to think.

Oh well. He suggested I get some barbed wire and some toe poppers, which isn't such a bad idea actually. I could either redesign the holders or just buy some bicycle locks or something to secure it all. I don't know. I'm not sure if I want to do this again.

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