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Day 136: I Eated It

by Cory on September 2, 2018 1:46 PM

I picked two garden gem tomatoes on Friday. The first one was from garden gem 1. It's the first "properly" shaped tomato with no surface blemishes on it.

Apparently normal garden gems should be bigger than this.

Also, you know garden gem 0? I thought it died from overwatering but I kept it becuase I wanted to see what would happen. Almost all the leaves on it exploded but the stem never turned brown and died. So it turns out the small tomatoes on it remaiined and turned red this week. They are wrinkled and dried out looking and super small (like smaller than a normal cherry tomato), but they are ripe!

Both tomatoes had really tough skins. They almost crunch when you chew on them. The stunted garden gem is mushy inside and stuff, probably because of how malnurished and fucked up it was. The garden gems I have are both ridiculously sweet and flavorful. I'm not really into it though... I think cherry tomatoes are really sweet and I don't like them as much as big tomatoes.

When I tried an heirloom tomato from Safeway for the first time, that tomato tasted very savory. It had a grassy taste that complimented the tomato flavor and it was really "meaty". I don't really know how else to describe that. I probably meant "umami" instead, I dunno.

I'm hoping that the garden treasures taste different, but I feel satisfied to have tried the garden gems. I don't know if I want to grow more. If I do it'll be to see if I can get a good yield and larger fruits.

Also, I don't have any pictures, but the remaining watermelon fruit is about tennis ball sized.

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