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Day 140: Tea Fertilizer

by Cory on September 6, 2018 11:50 PM

I forgot to metnion something I noticed like two weeks ago.

In the bucket with the big garden treasure and the watermelon plants, one of them (I think the tomato) sent a root up through the white tack I put in my olla and started growing roots inside the water reservoir. I completely didn't expect this, and now I know to seal up the drainage holes with some ceramic and caulk for any new ollas I end up making. Also, I think this has the unintentional side effect of making this plant really drought hardy. I would have thought that these roots would die from being in water all the time but they're doing just fine. WEIRD

I picked two more ripe garden gems today. One "normal" sized one (that I gave away...) and a slightly smaller grape cherry tomato sized one. There are like 4 more garden gems turning orange now, so there's more to come. I've been thinking about freezing these and then making sauce with them. I don't really want to eat them anymore. They're great tomatoes, but cherry tomatoes aren't really my thing.

I'm concerned because it's starting to get colder but my garden treasures and watermelons aren't nearly ripe yet. I don't know if there's enough time for the watermelon to finish. Anyway, you're supposed to fertilize tomatoes and watermelons regularly when they start fruiting and I haven't been doing that so I decided to try and make some liquid fertilizer. Using tea bags is an easy way to do that. This is a thing that people can do right? I mean I read it on the internet.

I steeped it for like 20 minutes in the whole bucket and the water turned green. I saved the bag so I can try it again. I could also break the bag open and just spread the tea leaves into the dirt, but I'm concerned that it might be too much fertilizer...

And lastly, I decided to take a picture of my watermelon:

It's hard to see here but it's about softball size. It's really hard to take pictures of the watermelon because I need one hand to open the hammock and the other to take a picture. Maybe I'll ask someone for help...

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