Cory's Hobo Garden

Day 164: Winter is Coming

by Cory on October 1, 2018 10:13 PM

One of my treasures was finally ripe. It looks really nice on the plant.

I picked it today and it turns out to have blossom end rot. :(

It tasted okay.

It's very sweet, probably from the epsom salt and stuff. Needs more in the meaty department. The stuff I'm reading about Black Krim and/or Moskvich varieties sound really promising. I don't really feel like gardening though.

It's raining this week! You know that means it's winter in California. It's starting to get darker early and it's being overcast and colder a lot. It's really not making me want to grow anything...

Which is annoying because the garden gem is going crazy. It's still putting out tons of fruit and now they're all ripening at the same time.

It's even putting on new growth now. Here's some new, green branches and a ton of pristine blossoms. This is making it really hard to kill this plant...

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