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Day 167: The Ultimate Pizza?!?!??!?

by Cory on October 8, 2018 10:42 PM

I gathered like 10 garden gems along with a big ripe garden treasure. I had a few gems, a medium treasure, and a medium W hybrid from my friend that I threw in the freezer. On Sunday I made spaghetti sauce and bough ingrediants for pizza dough and made two pizzas!

It turned out okay. The dough was hard and a little thin. And I think I made the sauce too thick because I was afraid it was going to be too watery. Not bad for a first attempt I guess, but definitely lots of room for improvement. Unfortunately, the pizza nor the sauce was anything spectacular. I think these tomatoes really shine when you eat them raw or lightly cooked. Which is unfortunate because I'm sort of over them already.

I do think that if I used the spaghetti sauce with spaghetti, it would definitely be better than supermarket sauce or sauce made from supermarket tomatoes.

I think I'm done fucking around with vegetables for a while. I decided to stop watering the plants this week and I'm going to tear down the setup next weekend. I feel like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders from not having to water them every other day!

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