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Anatomy of a Mood a Swing

by Cory on May 9, 2019 6:25 PM

I wish I could understand why this happens. Maybe I'm just crazy and that's that.

Monday - 3PM

Start to feel a little anxious. Triggered by some relatively uncomfortable social interaction. (I saw some dude at work who I was working on an app with and the stupid fucking asshole ghosted me. We passed by each other in the hallway.)

Tuesday - 9PM

Saw Avengers Endgame. Should have been happy. Became sad instead. Was suddenly without confidence. Questioning life choices.

Wednesday - 8:30AM

Full on depressive episode??? Hard to get out of bed. Didn't want to work or keep schedule. Very unconfident. Comparing myself unfavorably to everyone and everything. Tired, irritable; everything is annoying. Everyone rushing to me with problems at the same time. Wanted to hide and curl up into a ball and run away

Thursday - 8:30AM

Not as bad as yesterday. About 20% depressive. Trying to do damage control on my schedule, ended up getting burger king at 9pm and then working on Pong.

Thursday 6pm

Found a new forum. Thought it was funny. Manic episode starts. I feel like studying again. I'm revisiting project plans and career plans.

Brain, what the fuck 

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