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Crashlanding... Again

by Cory on October 17, 2015 12:31 PM

So I am no longer homeless. I signed a lease for a $1600 studio that's kind of nice but also kind of ghetto when you take a close look. I'm stuck here for 12 months while I stare at my computer screen at another studio that's $150 cheaper a month and in a nicer location that's become available this morning...

My fleas are gone. I paid for 2 extremely nice hotel rooms so that I could spray everything down and wash myself and do laundry. I'm trying to get my money back from that cheap bastard who is playing deaf and dumb at all my attempts to contact him.

Well, I guess this just means I have a year to get everything set up so that I stop "crash landing" the next time I have to do something important. I just realized that I'll be 25 in less than a year. Not too old by many people's standards, but waaay too old for someone who can't even take care of himself. Gotta get my shit together...

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