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by Cory on September 1, 2019 8:41 PM

I'm actually making progress!

So over the course of the last week, I was running into trouble trying to keep "mirage-editor" and "sp-forums" in separate packages. Someone explained to me online that you need to build the mirage-editor files (because they are uisng ES6 and react) and then have the forums package include the built files.

I didn't feel like spending more time trying to set that up so I opted to create a new repo with everything in one project. It's cleaner now because I could do some editing. I'll split them later, if the project grows that big.

In terms of actually implementing stuff, I did a lot of refreshing on Django and Django rest framework stuff. I build some models and made an API endpoint to let authenticated users create/modify posts.

I just finished hooking up the API endpoints to my react editor ajax code. So now I can write whatever in the editor, hit POST and then have it immediately show up in a list below.

A good start.

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