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by Cory on October 5, 2019 11:43 PM (Edited November 29, 2019 12:42 PM)

I got SASS setup and started plopping in css variables everywhere. I could get used to this. I read a little bit about semantic HTML5 tags and object-oriented CSS (OOCSS), block-element-modifier (BEM) methology, SMACSS, etc. Sounds cool. I'm trying to do a little bit of that, but I'm not too concerned with following best practices yet. I can go back and edit it later.

I also found this mockup tool that someone showed me called MockFlow. You can use a limited version of it for free. I made two designs with it. I really want to make it look better than what SlackerParadise looks like. It's becoming hilariously outdated looking to me.

Design A:

Mockup Design A

Design B:

Mockup Design B

And here's the page so far:

Actual site html and css so far.

I dunno. It's nicer than just black and white like before, but there's still something just... unimpressive about it.

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