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Pizza III: Revenge of the Crust

by Cory on February 2, 2020 1:11 AM

I made a third pizza to share with a friend. I also ordered a pizza stone and peel yesterday but they won't come until next week. In the meantime, I used the biggest dough ball to see if I could get more volume (I didn't measure using a scale like the recipe recommends when cutting it into pieces).

Pizza 3 raw, with toppings

Pizza 3 baked

Even this one was still not enough dough. And the best parts of this pizza were where the dough was thickest. I might just skip straight to cutting it only into 2 pieces and see if that works.

As expected the bottom wasn't crisp but was still thoroughly cooked. I had this one a plate for a few hours at room temperature, so it was the first time I ate it cold. It was a bit soggy, but not gross (the soft crumb didn't help though). Surprisingly, it acts like a new york pizza no matter what temperature.

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