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Second Batch

by Cory on February 22, 2020 6:33 PM

I made more dough and it's looking better than last time. Or at least it didn't take as long. I was able to make the whole thing in about an hour and I used the scale with a large piece of wax paper on top to make sure the dough balls are about the same size.

The second batch of pizza dough balls.

I also read somewhere that it is important to make the dough and weigh it and cut it into balls and put it in the fridge ASAP (like, within 20 minutes). I think I managed to do that, but I wasn't timing myself.

I should have done this on Thursday, but I wasn't feeling well this week. This is just in time to have 1 pizza tomorrow night and then I'll have to freeze the other 3 balls for next week.

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