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by Cory on December 29, 2019 6:48 PM

Hey, nobody who is reading this, it's Cory P and IIIII'MMMM just checkin' in on 'ya.

I've been very unproductive last month wrt the forums stuff because I've been busy being distracted by Death Stranding, going to therapy, dealing with work, and also my car broke down and they want an obscene amount of money to repair it so I'm trying to figure out what to do.

Anyway, I also started reading the Intel 8080 CPU manual in earnest today and I'm going through all the instructions and, geez, who designed this? All the opcodes are fucked up and weird. Still so many questions, hopefully they will be answered by the time I read the whole thing. The current goal is to spend some time writing a disassembler for it and then host it on a pretty website made with Angular. I'm hoping this should be a quick detour to help me learn Angular. Also because making emulators and stuff is another long term goal I have.

Let's fuck this decade in the mouth


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