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Cheeseburger Induced Nightsweats

by Cory on December 5, 2015 7:37 AM

It's about 7 AM and I've been awake for about an hour, not being able to go back to sleep...

Let me give you some background for this. It was a Friday night--now Saturday morning, and I just got out of work at like 11 PM because I"m a goddamn retard and I have nothing better to do (no, literally, work is actually kind of interesting right now). Instead of being a responsible, healthy adult, I got like $15 worth of Burger King and due to this 2 for $5 burger deal they got going on, that's more than the usual amount of Burger King.

So I get back to my room and it's about 1 AM and I eat like a double whopper with cheese and two extra long cheesebergers and immediately pass out in a burger coma. My freaking lights are still on and I'm passed out in my bed having this fucking nightmare. It's not a scary nightmare for anyone except me. It was one of those psychological dealies that's just amusing to bystanders, but traumatizing to the recipient.

I'm sitting in my parents living room on the couch next to my dad. It's just us and we're here and talking. And he's critisizing me again and saying how I'm not good enough. Apparently, I wrote out a checklist of stuff I need to do and left it on the table and in the middle of yelling at me, he mentions it and how I don't really have any motivation to do anything and the list has been sitting here with all its items unchecked for months and I'm never going to finish it. Basically, just my brain being a fucking dick and not letting me live out my twenties in slacker peace. Goddamn you, brain.

I'm trying to scream back at him, but nothing that comes out of my mouth makes sense. It just sounds nonsensical and stupid and I can't even raise my voice for some reason. I'm also trying to punch him in the face, but no matter how hard I wind up and swing, I just end up giving ineffectual swats at his cheek. The last thing I remember before waking up is thinking, "this is why I left. I shouldn't have come back, what the hell was I thinking?". Sometimes, my resolve waivers and I end up doing stupid things that I regret and can't take back. Is this one of those ways that I'm trying to tell myself that I made the right choice?

I wake up with my heart racing, out of breath, and with terrible cotton mouth. My stomach is being weighed down by this lead bag of cheeseburger I got goin' on in my gut. Sweet jesus.

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