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Limping without a Foot on the Beach

by Cory on July 12, 2015 4:35 PM

I had a strange dream yesterday. It was a very long dream split into two parts, but I don't remember much of it anymore. The part that stands out the most was of me on a sunny beach with crystal clear azure water. For some reason I thought it looked like Florida even though I've never been there before.

There was a set of old rundown projects that were suspended right over where the water meets the beach sand. It was falling into the water and in disrepair. I went inside and I was up to the waist in water. There were other people there floating around in inner tubes just looking out the windows. I walked deeper inside the house until the water came up past my head and I had to tread water. I reached the opposite side of the house facing the ocean, and I was trying to look out the window, but the house was tilted downwards so I could only see the surface of the water directly outside the window. All of a sudden, the house was shaking, being beaten by a rapid fusillade of hard waves. The other people in the house started to panic and let out little screams like they were on a plane experiencing really bad turbulence. I tensed up as I watched foaming water flow up through the broken window on the wall next to me. I could see dead squid welling up from the opening, carried by the strong current.

I got out of the house quickly, in case the water level started rising and I got back onto the sand. There were dark clouds coming in from the sea and the wind started to pick up. As I looked down, I saw that my left foot had a huge snail on it. It was orangish red with red/purple veins on it like some kind of abalone or man 'o war. I really hate slugs and snails, so I started panicking a little (but not as hard as I would in real life), and sat down in the sand to pull it off my foot. I found a piece of drift-wood that I could use as a crowbar and immediately began prying at the monster snail. The suction was so hard that it took half my foot with it. For some reaon, the meat came off like it was pulled pork. I scraped some more scraps off because parts of the snail were still stuck to them and afterwards I could see the bone.

I got up and started limping farther inland. My foot didn't hurt, but I was still in a limp because I was trying not to use my bad leg. I don't really remember anything after that, but I do vaguely recall that I was wandering around lost and yet with some sort of urgency to it.

What could this mean???

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