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I Think I'm Going To Put the Engine Away For A While

by Cory on April 28, 2019 1:50 PM

I don't think I've said it explicitly, but for some reason, I've been constantly anxious for about a year now about everything in my life. I feel like I'm spending all this time running around and trying to do stuff but not actually accomplishing anything. I see what other people put up online and things that people do and it makes me crazy when I compare myself to them.

I think it's because I was overly optimistic and trying to do things that are too advanced for me. For instance, this game engine thing I'm making in SFML is pretty ridiculous and the technical debt is starting to really pile up. Working on it is no longer satisfying because I'm not really producing anything cool and the technical parts of it are completely inadequate. I'm going to put this project away.

I just think I need to be more realistic about how I"m not a genius with a whole bunch of free time and start smaller. I think I'm going to try and make some small projects in Godot, and maybe try out other game engines too. And hopefully I'll be able to post actual interesting content. And at the same time I've been working on drawing, and studying algorithms/programming again. So maybe someday I'll be able to come back and put together a full game/engine/emulator when I'm more experienced...

Ok so that doesn't mean I'm stopping what I'm doing. I hope I'll be able to post screenshots and gifs of things that I'm working on in "big boy" programs and stuff, so don't go anywhere!

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