Can't Sleep

by Cory on March 2, 2019 3:32 AM

I'm standing here in front of this snowy cave but I can't remember why. I know I'm in the Arctic for some reason but it's not that cold. It feels almost like a warm spring night and all the snow is melting. I walk into the cave with her and pass into the darkness. The cave is big. It's mouth is shaped like a broad arch and then just extends inwards forever like a corridor.

We're looking for another glyph stone. A big one. I saw it in my mind, it fit in my entire palm and glowed radioactive green. It was smooth like a lake pebble and had this segmented circular design cut into it, and set into the stone like it was suspended inside of it. The whole thing looked translucent.

I stop walking and go to the centerpoint of cave walls and take a knee. I start digging. I don't know why but I'm sure it's right here. I start to see a glow underneath the dirty snow and small rocks and soon I pull out the glyph. It's a lot easier to see with the glyph to light the way but the cave extends inwards deeper still. And we march into the dark shadow.

I thought she might want to leave now that we have the glyph but she doesn't say anything. I want to keep going further for some reason. Maybe she does too? The interior was dark and cavernous and quiet except for water drops and our shoes crunching the muddy slush. It felt like walking on a sand dune but with icy slush instead. 

A surprisingly short time later we reach the end of the cave and I can see from the light of the glyph that we've come upon the back wall. It's smooth and made completely of ice, like you were looking at a cross section of a glacier. I went up to it and pressed the glyph into the center of the wall and it starts to crumble.

Everything starts shaking and it looks like the back wall is melting. But there's no water, the ice seems to just be disappearing. And from behind the wall is just this huge landslide of mud. It comes pouring through and we start running for the entrance. Luckily the mudslide isn't going very fast and we make it out with no issues. We're back outside and the cave closes behind us.

I still have the big glyph stone. I thought this was going to be a doorway and I was supposed to go through it. That's right, now I remember. I saw this happening back then, a long time ago when I found that shard on the beach. It was green and transparent like this glyph. I was standing there with her when the glint caught my eye. Actually, it felt like when you catch the sun's reflection off a mirror. I had to close my eyes hard and I couldn't open them for what felt like minutes. That was when I was having all those visions.

When I opened my eyes I knew that I had to find the glyph and go north. And find... a portal or something? This all related to stopping the end of the world somehow I guess? I don't know yet.

This Thought is part of Megiddo

A novel by Cory Parsnipson

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