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by Cory on August 11, 2019 12:30 AM (Edited November 29, 2019 12:42 PM)

I've been slowly chipping away at making a text editor using React. Damn, I thought I could make something quick and simple real quick but text processing has so many corner cases and shit. This isn't even a simple react app.

The progress I'm making isn't bad though. I made a fake cursor that blinks and code that detects keypresses and addeds paragraph elements inside this div. I can use arrow keys to move the cursor around and insert or delete text wherever. It's not perfect or much to look at but it's something I guess.

Going from the screenshot above to full blown forum software with experimental visuailzations has me kind of demotivated... There's so much work to do.

Here's the repo: https://github.com/CoryParsnipson/mirage-editor

I might just go back and forth between this and Godot projects soon.

Oh and I should probably change the name. There's like 3 other "mirage editor" software projects out there, not to mention that there's a huge casino chained named that. And Medium.com has the text processor with names starting with "M" locked down pretty hard.

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