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by Cory on November 10, 2019 9:27 PM (Edited November 29, 2019 12:42 PM)

UGH. I'm getting super fed up with all this web bullshit. I spent this week reading through the slate js docs and source code and then I spend this weekend trying to integrate it into the forum.

It's an amazing piece of software and integration went pretty smoothly, until I needed to retrieve the slate data back from the database. Basically, instead of plain text, I'm now saving all editor output in JSON. So now the problem is that I need slatejs on the other side to deserialize the JSON and then format it into rich HTML. I'm serving pages rendered serverside in Django and the way I set everything up makes this really inconvenient, I think.

Server side renders slatejs JSON with no easy way to deserialize it...

The slatejs stuff is meant to play well with the new hotness of websites being built with a backend being entirely a REST api (or some api that only passes JSON/xml/rpc's/whatever) and a frontend that contains routing and all the rest of the MVC shebang.

Everything I can think of to solve this deserialization thing is gonna be a pain in the ass.

I'm going to probably have to rebuild everything using design patterns from this decade... I'll probably spend some time reading about AngularJS and Redux and NodeJS or some shit.

I need a fucking break. Jesus I'm so fed up with this web bullshit. I should have been an artist.

This has been your weekly Sunday bitchfest by Cory Parsnipson.

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