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A meditation journal. To save myself before I get sucked into an endless pit of despair.

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Further Raspberry Pi Updates

I've started a project log on the Something Awful forums, so you can see further updates on this project over there.

I've made significant progress since then, getting a 5" LCD screen set up, implementing Charlieplexing in the controller, and now...


Angry Gay People

I feel like this is shooting fish in a barrel. Ain't nobody gonna disconnect faster than a question about gay people.

But then I stumbled across this masterpiece. Stranger 2, this diamond in the rough, blessed us with their presence. ("Stragots"!...

"Well That Went Poorly"

Digital Painting

In the past few weeks, I've been trying to figure out how to paint digitally. I made these studies using Clip Studio Paint:

Using the "oc 2" brush in this pack for reference.

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