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A New Perspective

by Cory on March 27, 2015 11:01 PM (Edited April 28, 2018 1:59 PM)

Every once and a while, you should just drop everything and lie on the ground for a few minutes. It really sheds a new perspective on everything. First of all, the things you saw that were upright are now all sideways and stuff. Everything you took for granted is now a completely new experience. You can experience the walls which are now the ceiling and the floor, and the floor which is now a wall. All the furniture changes to be upside-down and on the ceiling. Everyone you knew before is now different--namely, they are upside-down and standing on the ceiling. You can even see up peoples' skirts. Gravity points upwards. Life is suddenly full of new experiences! A new perspective indeed.

Most importantly, you gain a new understanding for the real important things in life. For instance, you can see the ceiling (floor). Nobody ever looks at the ceiling (floor); they never look at the beams in between the foam ceiling tiles or the holes cut out for security cameras and fire extinguishers. Nor do they look at the numerous unidentified stains and water damage that accumulate over the years. If you happen to be outdoors, you can look into the deep blue sky and the clouds. You can wonder why the clouds look so close and reach out your hand to touch them, but not even come close because they are actually so very far away. If you lie perfectly still and hold your breath, you can see the clouds move and even feel the earth turning. You can feel one with this inconceivably large rock mass and wonder why you are stuck to the ceiling and not falling into the terrifyingly blue infinity. It feels good to lie down. Lying down equalizes the fluid pressures in your head and neck and restores your hydrostatic equilibrium. That's not true at all, but lying down is totally good for you. You can see the inseam of peoples' pants while they step over you to get to wherever they're going. You can see the things that nobody ever looks at because you are a weirdo who's lying on the floor.

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