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More Changes to Come

by Cory on March 9, 2015 3:42 PM (Edited April 28, 2018 1:59 PM)

I've been stuck in my room pretty much all day everyday for the past few months trying to get this website up and I finally managed to deploy it. The big "grand opening" moment probably won't come until I can get my old hosting company to freaking give up my domain name. They got their grubby rigor mortis mitts on the damn thing with all their ID protection and registrar locks guarded closely by legions of disgrunted and fat, pasty, IT neckbeards who respond to my service tickets with the laconic stoicism of a someone on trial for murder. A couple more weeks, I guess.

Until then, I still have a bunch of changes I want to make! I'm planning on adding a "Recently Read" list to the site so I can keep track of books that I'm reading/just finished reading and highlight all the good ones. Yeah, I know. I'm probably the only one excited about it. "Books are for fags, etc, etc" yadda yadda

Also, I'm thinking of making a logo finally. Who knows? Eventually, maybe this website might look nice somewhere down the line. HERE IS VERSION 1.0 FOR NOW.

I'm pale and shivering with autistic anxiety and I'm trapped in my room. Please help, I'm scared :(

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