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New Changes Afoot! I Leveled Up, Fools

by Cory on March 14, 2015 12:08 AM (Edited April 29, 2018 1:54 PM)

Sup, you slackers?? I've been making some big changes to the site over the past week, both in refactoring old code, fixing broken and outdated parts of the site, and adding a lot of cool new swag.

First of all, I added this sweet thing to my admin dashboard for adding recently read books to a list on the site. I used Amazon's Product Advertising API to pull book information off of their database based on a keyword search. It also happens to be the first part of the site which uses jQuery and ajax calls as part of the user interface. It's freaking sweet. I totally wish I could show you guys but it's only for me and behind an authorization wall. Sorry. But you can check out this cool picture of it to get an idea:

Snapshot of the reading list dashboard page.

I think I'm getting better at making UI's ehehe. Maybe I'll make something worthwhile in a couple hundred years.

Second, the above picture is the second change I made. I wrote some javascript functions to hook TinyMCE up to a file upload and then send the image data to the server with a few ajax calls. It's a huge pain in the ass and cuts through a lot of different parts of the site... Actually, it's broken again right now and I'm writing this as a draft while I debug it until I can finally post the damn thing. Flushed the cache, everything's working fine now. Yay javascript :)

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