"Well That Went Poorly"

A Foot and a Tree

by Cory on March 26, 2015 2:44 PM

Yesterday was a big drawing day for me! I spent the morning at Stanford, then drove up to San Francisco and hung out in the Presidio to go rock climbing in the afternoon. This freaking beats sitting in a cubicle for 8 hours and having fat, old, white guys telling you what to do.

Stanford Drawings

I drew a nice foot off a Rodin sculpture and a fat man reading a book under a palm tree. :)

Hella Tree

Here are some gestures. I also made a freakin sweet tree. I've been thinking about how to draw leaves for a while. Someone in a drawing meet-up a few weeks ago was asking around about how to draw a large mass of leaves and no one really had an answer. I've been haunted by that event ever since. I ended up starting with palm trees (see the previous post). Thinking back, it's probably because they have large separated leaves, making it pretty obvious that you can draw them with dark, broad strokes using your pencil on its side. This tree right up here has smaller leaves that you can draw with the same broad pencil strokes, but shorter and more accented. Suggesting background leaves and putting in small branches helps too.

A full blown oak tree is something I haven't figured out yet. Actually, what I mean is basically any tree. You can see an attempt up there where it says "Leaves test". There's no shortcuts, you just need to look at the characteristics of the leaves and draw each one differently. I think it'll take me a few hundred more trees for me to figure it out, but I can already feel like it's good practice for my eyes. Soon! SOON I WILL BE TREE MASTER

This Thought is part of "Well That Went Poorly"

This comes from Drawabox. I only post absolutely shit, failed drawings here. Let's run this shit into the ground.

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