"Well That Went Poorly"

Fuck It, Let's Draw a Tree

by Cory on March 23, 2015 11:47 PM

Today I drew a tree. I was going to draw a building, and then I drew a tree instead.

A Tree

I'm quite proud of it actually. I have a few older palm trees from farther away, but I think this one is much more detailed and not as tentatively outlined. As you can see from the background, my general approach to drawing buildings and straight lined stuff was very stiff. It's no fun and not good looking at all. I decided on a whim to start drawing this pine tree somewhere off in the distance and I loosened up immediately. I think I should take this as a lesson to use my pencil fully and in different ways and to always be loose when drawing (loose in hand and body posture, not in terms of faithful rendering).

This Thought is part of "Well That Went Poorly"

This comes from Drawabox. I only post absolutely shit, failed drawings here. Let's run this shit into the ground.

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