"Well That Went Poorly"

Half Assed Gestures from Mission Peak

by Cory on March 22, 2015 4:46 PM

It was so early that Sunday morning that the sun wasn't fully out and the usual California dawn was overcast with foreboding clouds. In the dim, blue light of the morning it was obvious that the forecast was going to be rain and cold. Naturally, I strolled out confidently in nothing but shorts and a t-shirt to go walk up a mountain and wait in a line to take a picture on front of a pole in the ground.

It started out cold and drizzling, and on the way up there, it only got worse. There were small waves of drizzling rain and low fog obscuring the mountain, making it look like the fields of gondor or some shit. The fog gets worse as you get closer to the top and when you cross the last stretch, you can look down from the top and all you see is milky fog. It's very disorienting and makes you feel like you're really high up on a mountain. (On a sunny day, you can see a gradual grassy slope filled with cow turds.)

At the top of the peak stands this pole with an "S" on it and a bunch of what looks like copper pipe sticking out at odd angles to it. What this stands for, no one has any fucking clue. So people do what they do best, and assume that since it's there it must be authoritative and important and then begin queueing up in front of it with their smartphones and their selfie sticks and look like they're having a great time. Standing behind those people all decked out in their neon exercise apparel was me and my little black sketchbook. Uh, as far as I recall I was shivering like crazy and looking for people standing around in interesting ways and hoping vehemently that they would stop fidgeting.


Gestures, page 1

Gestures, page 2

Eh, unexceptional.

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